About Us

Genetics with Purpose.

Committed to beginning with a seed herd made up of the best genetics available, Applewood Lane Alpacas believes in quality first. We have methodically added animals to our herd that were produced by leading, forward thinking breeders. Our herd is based on excellent conformation, health and superb fiber-bearing characteristics. Our beautiful animals possess astounding statistics and pedigrees, which immediately boosts our herd and breeding program into the upper echelon of elite alpaca producers.

By establishing ourselves as a farm stocked with the finest animals available anywhere in the world, we are poised to increase the number of animals on our farm and add a new level of breeding excellence to the industry. We carefully breed alpacas with intention and forethought and plan to use this philosophy to slowly and steadily increase our herd’s size and dynamic genetics.

As breeders, we are interested in new and innovative techniques taking place around the world. We make it our business to consistently increase our breeding knowledge and attention to positive forward steps taking place in the alpaca industry. Our expertise is constantly evolving to include the latest ideas in science.

Royal and Baby Grade Fiber

Applewood Alpacas is well aware of what large fiber manufacturers seek to produce garments and breeds accordingly. Keeping the big picture in mind, we are on board with the concept of making alpaca fiber a world contender in the luxury fiber market. Each and every one of our animals is meant to produce fine, soft, dense fleece suitable for making luxury garments. In fact, 70% of the animals on our farm now carry Baby fiber and many are classified as Royal grade.

This is a direct result of purchasing only the very finest animals with the most elite genetics available. From Day One, we have been aware that to breed superb animals, you must begin with exceptional stock. We’ve been on a journey since then to procure the best animals from the most highly regarded breeders in the world. This year’s cria are showing great promise in this area already!

Animals for Sale Reflect Quality

The stock Applewood Lane Alpacas offers for sale is bred from generations of only the finest of alpacas. Our goal to create an entirely Royal and Baby Grade fiber-producing herd is passed down through every animal we offer for sale. So when you peruse our alpacas you’ll see just the cream of the crop. Fertile, attentive dams with milk to spare. The sort of feisty and potent herdsires who make champions breeding after breeding. Healthy, frisky crias with genetics that will help you improve your herd with their first breeding.


The lifestyle alpacas provide is undeniably satisfying. From our farm in Wisconsin we are able to breed the animals we love and share insight with others in the industry. Also, our family and friends enjoy interacting with the alpacas and being involved in a project we can run from home that touches the entire world.

Nothing beats living the alpaca lifestyle. Living with animals has been a rewarding way of life for eons and is especially so today. In this modern era of constant contact, cell phones, technology and never ending competition, a farm setting allows a family to get back to their roots and remember what is most important. Earning your living breeding and caring for animals is a far cry from the fast paced city life so many of us have ended up in.

Alpacas are naturally curious, docile animals you’ll fall in love with – we certainly have. From our first group of animals, it was apparent to us that living with alpacas is rewarding in itself, besides the benefit derived from all that wonderful fiber. They are gentle and suitable for interaction with kids of all ages. Once you look into those enormous eyes fringed with soft eyelashes you’ll know why we chose to lead the Alpaca Lifestyle.


We’ve just completed a state-of-the-art male barn to house our valued alpacas.  The second structure is now in process and the third will begin shortly.  These buildings are reminiscent of structures built in the late 1800’s yet having tiled and heated floors pitched to drains. A temperature and humidity controlled birthing and sick bay is among the many features.
Our alpacas have a spacious, sturdy and comfortable place to feed, birth, breed and live.  Whether the weather serves up high heat and humidity or bitterly cold blizzard conditions, our animals are safe and contented.  Come visit us in Wisconsin for a tour today!